this post is part two. for part 1 and the explanation of what this is, go here:

  • Every word is spoken as if everyone in the world can hear
  • Every action is taken as if everyone in the world can see
  • deep sense of purpose
  • tough and tenacious, especially during challenges
  • every action runs through an integrity filter

I’ll handle the first two together: this is great advice, for most of the time. this advice is so great, that if half of us did this half of the time, I bet 90% of our relational conflicts would disappear. However, I can’t hang too tightly to the EVERY in both statements. It’s too strong. There are a few times when it’s necessary to say something in a way that will get through to one person, but would be offensive to others. I’m sure that I’m nitpicking here, and taking these more literal than they are intended.

Having a deep sense of purpose is an essential character trait for the spiritually mature. Lacking this deep conviction and understanding comes from a lack of trust and knowledge of God. If we don’t know what we’re supposed to do, then it’s because we haven’t taken the time to listen to what God has to say about us and to us.

tough and tenacious—I’d call this mental toughness. the ability to withstand everything on the outside by trusting in God and having true thoughts on the inside. So many overlook the power of understanding a good truth. It’s freedom from fear and anxiety and despair and self deception. we let challenges sweep us away too easily and give up on the confidence we ought to have—not in ourselves, but in who God is and who he’s made us to be.

Integrity filter—without integrity a person will never have more than just the tiniest amounts of joy. He will also be lacking the trust of others. Jesus was a man of truth, and there was nothing false about him. Imagine that for a second…nothing false.


that’s about a quarter of the material from Mark’s training…. so, there’s more to come.