Just had a few thoughts today about how to make a meeting great. Thought I would toss it out to the blog world to get some feedback and additional ideas.

It’s a hard sell since typically we view staff/volunteer/team meetings as a free or low cost method of training, and I’m not sure that’s the best course of action. More importantly it also requires leadership to give out the freedom and trust to give away controlof the event to create a fun atmosphere and support the presenter’s great content.

Staff meetings CAN work, I totally believe in them, they are valuable and can be memorable. Decision makers need to think of these meeting times as an investment to help encourage the staff and deepen the important trainings and message given that day.

  • A giveaway at each meeting — must be present to win/receive
  • Updates from select directors/team leaders
  • Vision casting — updates on building projects, new projects
  • Behind the scenes stories
  • “I saw you” spontaneous reports from attendees
  • Donuts, OJ and Fruit
  • Funny Top 10 List … i.e., Top 10 ways to ditch your small group this week, Top 10 ways to get a free lunch
  • Staff member of the month award — w/parking spot, traveling trophy, etc
  • Update on the office move / administrative tasks
  • Apologies as necessary for dropped balls and frustrations as necessary
  • Christians/Church in the News, a quick review of what comes up in Google or blogs this week
  • What are people saying? Read or discuss emails, phone messages and personal conversations.
  • Amazing ministry story/opportunity
  • Small group brainstorming on various timely topics
  • New staff recognition with pictures on screen or handout
  • Intern or staff highlight
  • Preaching/Teaching calendar (all – adults, students, children)
  • Testimony illustration for a point of the training
  • Upcoming mission trips with map
  • Time for prayer
  • Things we should be promoting this week to our members
  • Staff spouse spotlight — bring them in to the meeting, give them flowers and gifts for their children (if applicable, male spouses might not appreciate flowers)
  • Communion
  • Random book review by staff member
  • A response time to the challenge given
  • Worship songs
  • Funny video clips
  • Table game of some sort of insider topic (like how many parking places are in the lot)
  • Members give a testimony on video to encourage staff
  • Email follow-up to meeting with links to what was talked about and more information
  • Who can text the most during the staff meeting AWARD
  • Relational icebreakers
  • Recommended reading list
  • iTunes gift cards as prizes, etc