God has a love for us that is completely immeasurable. There is no way that our minds could possibly fathom the amount of love that comes pouring from Him all day, every day.

Our flesh is covered by our clothing, and our blood is covered by our flesh. We, a soul and body, are covered and within the goodness of God. The only and biggest difference is, our clothing and flesh will pass away, but the goodness of God’s love will forever remain with us, and it will be even closer to us than our own flesh.

I believe that God desires that our soul cling to him with all of its strength, that it clings to His goodness. We are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even begin to comprehend it. No being, ever created, can ever know and understand how much and how sweetly and tenderly our God loves us. It is only by the help of His grace that we are even to try to continue on in our prayer life, during times of contempt and contemplation, that we are able to persevere though it and focus on His immeasurable love which God in His goodness has for us.

Let then ask God, let us have everything we desire of You, because it is in our nature to long for Him, and it is in His nature to long for a relationship with us. I pray in this life, we never stop longing and loving Him.

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