Ouch. The best show on TV, LOST, gets snubbed for Emmy Awards. According to USA Today:

As for the hope that the new procedures would open the Emmys up to new networks, the results are spotty at best. Denis Leary was justly rewarded for his incredible star turn in FX’s Rescue Me, and thank goodness for that. But the change did nothing to help WB or UPN, or to stop the academy from once again snubbing Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars — not to mention the Sci Fi powerhouse Battlestar Galactica.

Though this was no doubt not the intent, splitting the nominations into panels inevitably led to some truly nonsensical split decisions. I’m glad the best-drama panel picked House — but how can the Emmys justify nominating House without nominating Hugh Laurie, who basically is the show? What were they rewarding, the set?

Then there’s the year’s most outrageous omission: the failure to nominate ABC’s Lost, which won last year and should have been a front-runner this year

And though it’s possible that the ensemble nature of the show hurt the chances of the individual stars, it’s impossible to explain how voters decided that the only actor who merited a nod was Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond.