This summer we had a very successful Student Leadership event that we held at Azusa Pacific University. We were thrilled with year 1 results and we’re planning on being back in southern CA next summer (tentatively July 13-15).

We’re getting a ton of feedback about having an east coast Student Leadership Conference next summer. We think we could pull it off. We’ve already been in discussions with a church in the New Jersey area about hosting it.

I have a meeting Thursday with some of the planning team and I’m looking for wise feedback. I’m a southern CA boy so I need to learn from others. Here are my questions:

1. Where is a good, east coast location that within a realistic driving distance to several churches? Atlanta? DC area? Thoughts?

2. Do you know of any churches in the east who could partner with us and host this event? We’d need a large meeting room (600+), multiple classrooms, near (inexpensive) hotels, and supportive leadership.

I’ll choose one comment (as a thanks for participating with input) and let you go shopping for something FREE from my bookstore.

Please share an ideas…go ahead and nominate churches you don’t work at. Who knows, maybe we’ll know someone who works there who would want to partner.