I just wrote a new letter to our incoming freshman parents this week in our student ministry. This is the season of hellos and goodbyes! We’re saying goodbye to our incredible seniors and hello to our incredible incoming freshman. Feel free to copy/paste this letter for your ministry to edit however if you want, and if you’re interested in more like it we’ve got Letters Bundle Volume 1 for $5 in the DYM store, too:

Hey Freshman Parents!

My name is Josh Griffin and I’m the High School Pastor here at Saddleback Church! I just wanted to write to you and tell you how excited I am to welcome you and your student to our High School Ministry! My team and I are passionate about helping students experience and express their relationship with Christ and the biblical purposes of the church.

We know HSM can be a big and intimidating place, so we have put together a highly relational (and cheap!) summer calendar full of events that aims to get your student plugged into the ministry. Two of the “can’t miss” events we push to freshmen are Freshmen Frenzy and Summer Camp:

Freshmen Frenzy! June 28th // 7pm-9pm // Refinery // $10
We’ll spend the night battling through a variety of crazy games to find out which high school is #1. At Freshmen Frenzy, your student will meet other freshmen and core student leaders that go to their school, as well as HSM volunteers and staff. For more information, email us or check out the website

HSM Summer Camp July 21st-25th // Murrieta Hot Springs // $399
Summer Camp is the BEST way to get connected to our ministry. Whether it’s meeting new friends, taking their relationship with Jesus to the next level, or accepting Jesus for the 1st time, Summer Camp has been a life changing place for so many students. For more information, email us or visit our website to register now – oh, and get in quick – it always sells out about this time!

My team and I have been praying for your student for months now – we also have a fun welcoming service for all our new freshman this coming weekend in the Refinery (4:30/6:30 Saturday or 9/11:15 Sunday) Don’t miss it!

We cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do through your student during their 4 years in high school. We want you to know that our ministry is here to come along side YOU and support YOUR FAMILY. You are the most influential person in your child’s life and we want to do whatever we can to support you in that role!

We cannot wait to meet you and your new high school student!


Josh Griffin
High School Pastor
Saddleback Church

PS: Text “HSM” to 39970 to stay in the loop with our weekly texts, too!