I tend to be a creature of habit. On my days off, I have a cup of coffee and watch a few episodes of The Office. Tuesday’s I go in later, so I work on DYM stuff. Wednesday’s are days I like to work on curriculum stuff and so on and so on. The point is, when we find out that something works for us, it can be really easy to keep the same routine going…and going…and going. So what happens when we want to see growth or try something new? What happens when we want to see growth and we get frustrated when we don’t see anything happening? When we keep doing things the way they always have been done you are going to see the same things you have been seeing.

In order to move forward you need to let go the way you have been doing it.

This can be scary. But when we feel the Holy Spirit pushing us to move on in something in ministry because you know it will benefit it, you have to do it. When we read god’s Word we are prompted to move and make disciples. In Psalm 119 it says God’s Word is a lamp upon our feet, not a spotlight into the forest. Like a flashlight in the dark, it only shows us our next step and once we take it we can see further down the road. When we feel God prompt something for our ministries we need to take the step, letting go of the way we have done things, and take a step in faith and lean on God to provide.

Trust me, it is a lot easier said than done. But just imagine the ways God can show up when we move in faith when it comes to changing something up you feel God is telling you its for the benefit of your ministry. It’s something I am currently, and always, trying to think and be aware about.