The New Year is approaching and of course you are thinking about what resolutions you are making this year. Let’s be honest though, you know you are going to get 15 days into a new diet, 23 days into following your new Dave Ramsey budget, and probably about 4 days into your read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan (more than 1 chapter a day feels unreasonable!) before it all goes down the drain.

BUT we can help you get 365 days into your resolution to use your ministry budget better AND have better resources for your ministry this year. We would love to help make that resolution a bit more achievable. Why don’t you start by checking out this great 3 week series to kick off the year? 

{{cta(‘5e7601bb-3563-4923-9f49-1e33dd2abaa5′,’justifyleft’)}}This 3 week series is called Resolution Runner. The running metaphor is used to explain discipline, persistence, and fitness. All are common elements to New Year’s resolutions  so your students can easily track each week!The message itself is broken down into 5  sections that help you plan and organize your lessons in a way that is fluid, consistent, and impactful.

There are plenty of fun and  interactive ideas in these lessons to help you engage your students through the series. Included are full teaching manuscripts and outlines, small group curriculum, game ideas (including one complete PowerPoint trivia game), stage design ideas, worship sets, mood music for pre- and post-service, YouTube links to funny sermon intro videos, and a unicorn. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s 150% true! 

Pick up this series today and spend some time hanging out with your students while they are still on Christmas break. Enjoy!