Noah built the ark because he was being obedient to God.

Man built the Titanic to show off.

Look what gave and sustained life and look what sank and took down others.

Pride comes before the fall. Something we all have heard. The Titanic was deemed the “unsinkable” ship, the most magnificant ships built at that time. It became famous not for sailing across the sea successfully but because it sank in the middle of the ocean. Man was trying to be bigger and better than ever before. Noah built the Ark because He was doing what God instructed him to do, even if it made no sense. Think about it, building an ark in the middle of the dessert in the dry season. Noah, because he was obedient to God gave life to the world while the Titanic who was all about the glory of man sank in the dead of night.

When we build ourselves up, when we let our pride set in and get the best of us, when we glorify ourselves and not God, we fall hard and take others down with us because we cannot build on ourselves. We are not stable. Just like the Titanic. When we build upon God, when we look to bring Him glory in our actions, we can change the world and give it new life just like Noah and the Ark.

Be the Ark not the Titanic.