Sunday night was a great night at the 20-somethings service over at Rock Harbor. A great break from the normal routine for us – went over there with the director of venues, the membership pastor and the singles pastor from Saddleback. Here’s few of my thoughts and learnings for the night:

  • Announcement guys have a tough job at any church, even a cool one
  • Not everyone has to be trendy and cool to participate
  • It makes for a great look and feel when someone is intentional and passionate about look and feel (think trendy meets industrial with a splash of vintage)
  • You don’t have to be young to connect with the next generation
  • Sabatticals are a good thing for pastors
  • The cross is central and important in this church
  • Waiting in line to go into the sanctuary builds anticipation
  • People sitting on the floor since the seats were all taken is a good problem
  • Pop rock isn’t the only style of worship
  • Playful banter between worship leaders and speakers works in any setting
  • 20-somethings like to sing, too … not just observe