We’re beyond excited for DYM’s LEAP DAY SALE! Today only get the $99 brand new games bundle of 29 games for just $29. That’s right … high-quality, ready to go screen games by the dozen for a buck a piece. These are all winners and all brand new. Some of our favorites:

Which Rock Said It?
Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? In this case, the answer is obviously Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but the Apostle Peter may have also said this to the other disciples around the fire at dinnertime.

Throw Way Back Thursday
Throw (Way) Back Thursday is a screen-based game that asks students to name the location of the Bible story shown in the throwback photos posted on the apostle Paul’s (imaginary) Instagram account. This game will get your students laughing while testing their Bible knowledge.

New Test-Emoji
Emojis are a primary form of communication these days…so why not have some fun with them? New Test-Emoji is a screen-based game that will test your student’s emoticon translation skills.

And 26 more!??!! Check out the 1-day Leap Day Games Bundle now!