Yesterday’s post about being an AAA-rated parent got a lot of hits, but it was interesting to me that there weren’t many comments.

It got me thinking…

I wonder if those same qualities that are so important for children are also crucial for adults. As I was thinking about this, I got a text from a buddy that seemed to validate an adult’s need for affirmation.

The text message is below, but here’s the context: on Sunday I visited a church where my buddy was preaching. He’s an amazing communicator, and for 3 services he captivated and motivated the crowd of thousands.

After the service, I greeted my buddy and introduced him to another friend who I had brought to church. The friend who came with me is a pastor at a large church who was on vacation. As the two of these guys were talking I got distracted by another conversation and didn’t pay attention to what they talked about.

A couple hours later I got this text from my buddy who preached on Sunday:

“So GREAT to see you and Cathy. Very fun to meet

[let’s call him] John. He had some very kind words of affirmation. The timing was perfect. They were very needed. See you soon.”

My first thought was, “Really?” Needed affirmation? You had people eating out of your hands… you’re an amazing communicator! How could YOU need affirmation?”

But, you know the truth as well as I do, everyone needs affirmation! Even great communicators. Even strong leaders. Even those who appear as though they don’t need it. They need it! You need it. I need it. We all crave words of encouragement. As a result of our brokenness, the reality is that affirmation is a necessity.

As a leader, what are you doing about this as a leader? How are you currently affirming those around you?

I’m not suggesting flattery… I’m referring to genuine affirmation that breaths life into one’s soul. It’s needed. It’s around you. Those closest to you are dying for affirmation…are you meeting their need?

Question: What might it take for you to be a more affirming leader? Share them here.