Yesterday I spent the day walking around NYC with my wife and some friends. I don’t get stunned very easily and I was stunned with the movement, the diversity, the commerce, the… well, just about everything in/around the city. I’ve been to NYC several times and it always forces reflection.

This image got me thinking of the loneliness of leadership:

No human in the world cares more about this guy’s food service than he does. That truth describes a lot about leadership and ministry.

• No human cares more about your vision than you.
• No human cares more about your message prep than you.
• No human cares more about the success of your program than you.
• No human cares more about your volunteer recruitment, your salary, your non-salary, your busyness, your desire to be nurtured, your struggle for resources, your

[insert need here].

That’s why being a leader is often a lonely spot… because others just don’t care as much as you do (especially, if you are the leader of other leaders).

There’s a lot of movement and activity and focus swirling around leaders and it’s so refreshing and rewarding when someone stops and says, “I want what you’re trying to sell ” and then proves it with their passion and actions.

What’s an area of your leadership where you feel all alone?