Indulgence and Impurity.
These killers are a failure of the holiness test: God calls us to be separate from the world, different, like God. we can’t be a catalyst if we’re not different.

Indulgence says, “I MUST have it” and kills a leader’s restraint and contentment. Everyone is born selfish, this is the essence of our brokenness. It is through self-control that we rise above consumption and possession and make new discoveries about God, ourselves, and the world. Maturity says, “Lord, I am not enough, but you are. I can be content in you.” Indulgence crouches at the door, ready to strike, to pull us back into the pit of blindness that comes from constant satisfaction. In this, God’s power and our responsibility work together.

We can examine your life for indulgence by reflecting on the what brings us joy. A lot of insight can be discovered under that question.


Impurity says, “I MUST hide it” and it kills a leader’s integrity. We all sin and make mistakes, no one is perfect or without blemish. The kind of impurity I’m talking about is a little deeper, more pervasive. 

Impurity is different from the other killers because it can’t be be justified or excused. I can rationalize indulgence as a legitimate need or fear can be seen as a legitimate caution. Loving history too much can be relabeled as “remembering our roots.”

Impurity is different. Impurity is the result of ignoring a sin-awareness. Instead of taking it to the foot of the cross, we brush it under the rug. We run. We hide. We redirect. We masquerade. The impurity lodges deep within our hearts and soon a soul sickness seeps into every area of our lives. Impurity is a conscience act of disobedience, a refusal to repent.

To overcome the other leadership killers, a person may just need some discernment, wisdom, insight… Overcoming impurity always requires courage, humility, and confession. These things are not complicated or difficult to comprehend.

The great simplicity of impurity’s antidote is equaled by the great devastation it’s poison creates in our lives. Nothing kills our leadership like impurity. It infects our most important relationship, and stands as a stain between us and God.

God is looking for people with pure hearts. It is our first step, and it is fundamental because we must choose this every day. Start with the impurity killer, and keep a tireless watch. Then look to interrupt the other leadership killers in your life with God’s inspiration.