These leadership killers fail the stewardship test. They deny God as the Creator of all that is, the one to whom everything belongs.

The History Killer makes the past matter too much: “It’s ALWAYS been done this way.” A new idea might not work, so rely on an old one. The uncertain future creates opportunity, it’s a void that’s either filled with fear or faith. In fear, we work desperately to repeat a past.

The Territory Killer makes possession matter to much: “I’ve worked hard, and it’s mine.” Entitlement comes in all shapes, and even a passionate, misplaced love of a small thing decimate our influence.

We cannot ignore the past and our possessions. We must learn from what happened before. We must be diligent with our responsibilities. Our past and possessions must not capture our hearts.

Loving history kills our AWE-sense. Nothing is surprising, cause we’ve seen it all before. Loving territory kills our RISK-sense, cause we can’t take a chance and lose something that’s mine.

Examine the last five significant decisions you made (or ideas you rejected). What motivated your choices? I’m not asking how you rationalized it. Instead, were you protecting the past or your possessions?

Recapture your WONDER. remember what it means to walk in FAITH. Interrupt your sense of self cause God is going to do something new and take you to different places.