Fear and insecurity kill leadership: from the inside out, they take root in the deepest places and bear sickly fruit.

The fearful leader isn’t comfortable with the unconformable circumstances. After looking inward, it says, “I will get hurt.” The insecure leader isn’t comfortable in his or her own skin, and after looking inward says, “I’m not good.”

Do you know anyone like this? Is this a place you visit? Is this where you live?



Fear leads to an obsession with control and management. I hate pain and the possibility of pain, therefore I must regulate as much as possible to reduce the risk. Insecurity leads to intimidation and lobbying for respect and honor. I hate myself, but maybe I can hide that from others.



Usually uses indirect methods.
Clings to plausible deniability to limit exposure possibilities.
Maximizes influence and minimizes accountability. 
Uses words that work, rather than words that are true.
Looks exclusively for the low hanging fruit.
Usually risks nothing, occasionally risks little, never bets the farm.
Revises history, hounds glory, spins facts.
Claims indifference and ignorance.
Cowers from mistakes at all costs.
When facing correction: deflects attention, defuses questions, he will even deny and deceive if he won’t get caught.
When caught, the criticism isn’t correction, but a glossary of buzz words to parrot back to mimic change and growth.



>>do you love control?
>>do you rely on intimidation?
>>do you lobby for respect?


LET GO. Surrender your need to control everything around you. Imagine your fear as a lack of faith in believing that God is in control. Fear denies God his sovereignty.

HOLD ON. Remember your identity as a creation of the Father, the reason for Christ’s sacrifice, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Acknowledge the wonder: you were made to be great, you were saved to be great, you are empowered to do great things. Don’t deny the ability of the Creator, the work of the Savior, we or the power of Comforter. Insecurity denies the works of God.