I’ve finished my little series on leadership killers, it was SLOW WORK. I didn’t think it would take this long to consider and shape these convictions. I’m going to clean them up a little bit more and put them into a devotional/journal and make this tool available (for free) on this site. I’d love your feedback and would appreciate it if you let me know how they could be better. I hope they’ve been good for you! If you know someone who’d be encouraged by these posts, send them along.


Killers, part 1 >>> Fear and Insecurity
Killers, part 2 >>> Zeal and Apathy
Killers, part 3 >>> History and Territory
Killers, part 4 >>> Arrogance and Incompetence
Killers, part 5 >>> Indulgence and Impurity



abnormalize: reckless abandonment to be different through inspiration, insight, and interruption