Doing what you do is great. Knowing WHY you do what you do is better. 

Making that vision sticky and knowable is HUGE! IF someone were to ask you, “Well why do you do this this way?” You can respond with, “Because we value _________________” and it gives the WHY and people can get behind a WHY (read Simon Sinek’s Start With Why). 

Well our church has been working on these values and our team has been working on them as well. Finally we are finished. It was a long and grueling process but the time worth spent on it will only benefit us for the Kingdom in the future.

Too many pastors are so focused on working IN their ministry rather than taking the much needed time to work ON their ministry. I think it’s invaluable.  One of the best things you can do for you, your ministry and your volunteers is develop who you are, write them down, and live them out as a ministry. People can do what you do, but they will be excited to do it when they know WHY they are doing it. 

Here are our churches newly found values of CCV where I serve:

Evangelism: Jesus is our only hope, and WE are His plan to reach those far from God, one life at a time. There is no Plan B.

Growth: We are ordinary people, called to live extraordinary lives. So we invest in ourselves, that we might invest in others.

Generosity: We are spiritual contributors, not consumers. The church does not exist for us, but we are the church, and we exist for the world.

Big Faith: We are not here to maintain, but to take new ground. We honor the past while being faithful to what God is calling us to do in the future.

Excellence: We will always bring our very best. Excellence honors God and inspires people.

Celebration: We will celebrate loud, hard, and often. There’s nothing more fun than serving God with the people that we love.

Community: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We can accomplish significantly more together than we ever could apart.

We are taking these and are beginning to ingrain them in our volunteers and our language of our students. It will be repeated often, it will be known (over time) and it will be in our culture. And this, get’s me excited for the future because I know it will get others excited in the future to join us for the best job on the planet

Do you know your values? Do you have them written down? What are they, I’d love to see them!