Challies has a fantastic post with plenty of King of the Hill quotes to support his observations about some youth ministry mistakes. I think this is a must read for youth workers, and if anyone can get the clip of the show from YouTube or something, I’ll be sure to post.

This particular episode was written by Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May. I don’t know if they are believers, or merely outside observers, but they made some astute observations. Hank’s concern is one I share when I look at the way some Christian kids are encouraged to behave. Too often it seems that God is treated as just another product. Children are unable to seperate Him from the other fads that sweep through their lives when they are young. Beanie Babies and Ninja Turtles come and go. For too many children, God does the same. As long as God is all the rage they are happy to acknowledge Him, but as soon as He goes out of style, they put him in a box like all the other fads. He ends up on the top shelf, along with the Revolve Bible-zines, the “Got Jesus?” shirts, the purity rings and the WWJD bracelets. God is thrown aside as just another fad.

Looks like it’s from Season 8. You can also see more quotes from that episode here. I’ve posted the King of the Hill episode on megachurches before, too. Priceless!