I just had the chance to be part of my friend Jonathan McKee’s fun, little YouTube resource for parents he’s calling, “R U Listening.” These 2-3 minute videos accomplish two things:

1. They give insight to the teenage perspective about parenting. Jonathan asks teenagers across North America, “What advice would you give your parents if you knew they would actually listen?” The perspectives teenagers share are amazing… if you really listen

2. These videos provide some real life application as to how parents should respond. In this video, I got a chance to respond to Katy’s perspective when she shared, “Stop grounding me! It doesn’t work.” Each of these responses provides some tips that help parents listen to the felt need, and then respond appropriately.

Here’s my response to Katy in this episode of “R U Listening?”


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If you’re looking for something else on discipline, you might check out my recent blog post, 5 Questions to Ask As You Discipline Your Child.”

What about you?

Question: How would you respond to your kids if they told you, “Grounding doesn’t work!”?

What would the concept of “setting up consequences ahead of time” look like in your home? Share your thoughts here.

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