For a little while longer, we’re stuck in time until we get to eternity. This means we have things we’ve done and things we’re doing.

I think it’s wiser to find joy in the doing rather than the done.

We shouldn’t forget. BY NO MEANS should we stop remembering. The past has lots of failures and lots of victories. From the past, we can learn lessons and learn confidence. Wisdom comes from the past, and that’s needed for the present.

When we delight too much in the past, we turn complacent, satisfied, comfortable. In our minds, the our legend grows. In the world, our legacy shrinks. The longer we long for what we’ve done, the faster the fire of our passion fades.

In the doing, faith finds it’s test. It is IN GEAR and CRANKED UP and GOING FORWARD. When the is joy in the doing, we have greater awareness and surrender to God. Why? In the doing, we wonder what’s next because it’s almost here. It’s impossible to forget that only God is the master of What Has Not Yet Happened.

History can be rewritten by the pride of our hearts (how I wish I didn’t do this). What God has done can become “what I did.” There is no foolishness so deep and deceived as to believe it has the future under control. When our joy is in the doing, we are placing our efforts directly in God’s hands.

Let’s not love the past so much that we miss out on what God wants us to do now.