Fridays, I love them. I think I’m going to start making Fridays my “point to other great articles/blog days”. I would love to help promote other great posts that I see. Shout Out Fridays. So enjoy!

Humor is one of my all time favorite things about anything. Some churches are very traditional and those tend to leave out humor all together. Which is actually pretty humorous how they think humor is not part of Jesus. We always tend to give Jesus this somber, peaceful, hands are always folded as He walks around with a stone faced expression talking in a very mellow, monotoned voice. We tend to forget that along with being 100% God, he was also 100% human. Jesus was a guy. Probably loved to laugh, hang, play jokes and enjoy company. Look at most of his interactions with his disciples or people he was ministering too. Some translations said he was “lounging” at the tables, slouched back and probably leaning back in his chair and if he were to fall back like a junior higher does, he and his disciples would laugh their heads off. He was human. One of my favorite scenes in the Passion of the Christ was when he was washing his hands with his mother and he splashed the water in mom’s face. That is amazing, it shows that he was playful and fun.

Adding humor is a key element to services. They help us connect and they add an element of fun to christianity. I would like to think that when I would be with Jesus, it would be serious and I would learn amazing things, but there would also be an element of fun as well. I’m sure of it.

I came across this article that goes a little deeper into this topic from Relevant Magazine. The article is called Jesus Was Funnier Than We Think. You can read it by clicking HERE.

Read it and I would love to hear thoughts on it!