Enjoyed a fantastic afternoon with my dad – went up to a taping of Jeopardy in Culver City. Got front row seats to the 2-episode afternoon taping, and even got to ask a few questions to host Alex Trebec. A VERY fun afternoon – always cool to see behind the scenes at a show you watch on TV.

Highlights would be:

  • The judges discussion over a spelling error during Final Jeopardy
  • Knowing a Final Jeopardy answer my dad didn’t know
  • Seeing a lady win $57,000 in the two shows
  • Watching Alex re-record several lines he messed up
  • Seeing us on TV, during the intro to the show
  • Getting to put a face/personality with the voice of Jeopardy, Johnny Gilbert

It was filmed on the same lot as the MTV Movie Awards I went to earlier this year, this time they were finishing up pickups for Spider-man. Apparently there was some minor rigging shots and stunt work left to do. Tons of city backdrops, brick walls and the like, the paige said yesterday the guy in the Spidey suit was running around everywhere.

All in all a super fun afternoon, great time with my dad and a perfect endcap to their week here in sunny California. The episodes air January 18th and 19th, 2007.