One of my co-workers (the wonderful Rachel Ceballos who is our college pastor) also does some great stuff with She introduced me to a site Craig Gross (the founder of both XXXChurch and iParent) launched to help parents be more aware of things students are partaking online and through apps on their smart phones. I have already sent it out to our parents because I think it will be a great resource as we partner with them.

Here is what they are all about: is an online resource featuring videos and posts to keep parents in the loop on all the latest tech fads that your kids might be into. Want to decide whether SnapChat is right for your teenager? We give you the info. Want to find out what Reddit is all about? We have the answers.

Each app or online site is reviewed in a short video to give you a brief discription of what is is used for in a very honest and open way. Here are some examples of each video: