I can’t even imagine the pain that my friend Erik Rees (who co-wrote “Congratulations You’re Gifted!” with me) is going thru as he tries to be a dad in an unthinkable situation. Erik’s beautiful daughter Jessie has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

I want to share her story with you for a couple of reasons:
1. She’s an amazing young girl who has the character and determination of an adult (see video below)
2. I think you might be able to help.
3. I’m begging my friends to pray for a miracle.

When I first found out about little Jessica I was devastated for the Rees’ family. I have been hurting and praying for them every day. It’s devastating. But it’s not your typical story…

Here’s what is so unusual, Jessica has decided to spread joy and hope to the kids at the hospital where she is getting treatment to fight her own battle. What a testimony of Jesus in a young life.

Jessie came up with an idea she’s calling JoyJars. The goal of JoyJars is to spread joy to kids in the hospital. Her little idea has caught fire and is taking off with great impact. In less than 6 weeks JoyJars have impacted hundreds of lives.

I feel led to help Jessie make a national impact and would ask for your help. I’d love to see 500 youth groups participate in JoyJars. Would you please be one? It’s real simple—just buy some JoyJars (at a discounted rate of $10/each) and then sell them (they sell for $25/each). This will not only raise funds for your group, but it will also allow your teenagers to serve beyond themselves by spreading joy in your community.

Each jar comes with a branded t-shirt, wristband, note card and helpful tips. To take advantage of opportunity, email Jessie’s dad at [email protected]

You can also learn more about JoyJars at www.JoyJars.org. No matter what, please join me in praying for Jessie. Also, please become a prayer fan at www.facebook.com/jessicajoyrees.

Here is the article on FOX.
Here is the article on CBS.
Here is the video that was on in CBS Los Angeles: