please note: there will be no spoilers in this post. I wish the people I subscribed to on twitter had the same kind of compassion and intelligence that I do. Oh well.

This latest installment of the indy movies was perhaps the greatest movie I have ever seen or ever will see. It is such a great movie, that there’s not even room for others to think it was anything less than the greatest possible movie of all time. It’s like love, it’s universal, you can’t deny it. This movie is the soul mate for the human race. those who say it’s something less than the greatest movie ever, have an uncanny ability for self deception, fear them and flee from them.

It had action, and it had twists and turns. there was a bad guy/gal (don’t want to tell you which) and indy wins in the end (that doesn’t count as a spoiler, if Spielberg did movies like reservoir dogs, then I would have omitted the last comment.)

although I already know your true opinion, please feel free to respond and comment on the movie, this post, or anything else you have on your mind.