Feeling overwhelmed today. This means I’m trying to play God. I’d rather practice some unhealthy self deception and say, “I’m overwhelmed, isn’t it great I’m so ___________” (insert appropriate pride builder).

So, I decided I’d re-read the chapter from scripture I read yesterday, since I obviously didn’t take it to heart. Here are some notes from Hebrews chapter 11:

  • faith is certainty in our hopes, hopes are the things we want but cannot see
  • the ancients understood this
  • faith understands God as the creator
  • faith offers sacrifices to God
  • faith results in righteousness
  • faith leaves a legacy
  • faithful people, those who please God, are used by God
  • it isn’t possible to please God without faith; faith believes God exists and that he gives rewards
  • faith builds the impossible, improbable
  • faithfulness “condemns” the world
  • faith is obedience, and that may mean moving to an unknown place
  • faith trusts God to do miracles
  • faith lasts a life time… until we die
  • faith rests in the promises of God, things “seen” but not yet possessed
  • faith longs for something better, a “heavenly country” were we might be citizens
  • faith is expressed to others, “i am a stranger here, looking for a better place”
  • faith offers even the most precious things to God, even our children
  • faith means blessing our children (?)
  • faith breaks the law (when God is leading, of course—no free ticket to anarchy here!)
  • faith rejects privilege and prestige, when God is leading
  • faith obeys God, even when it’s a first, like the first Passover
  • faith walks through the miraculous way that God provides
  • faith obeys, waiting for God to show up
  • faithfulness can be practiced by anyone, even godless prostitutes are our example


We wait, no matter what!
No matter the troubles, the trials, the temptations..
We are called to obey, to do what is before us, look forward to what is ahead. There will be a day when we stand with the faithful in the presence of God and live with him for eternity.