Last night on American Idol (a Griffin television favorite) they showed the usual suspects: terrible singers and bad auditions. Then they stopped the parade for a minute and let us laugh a bit with Chris Sligh. He was super funny and had a great voice – so I’ve decided I’m going to go for him on the show this year.

A little more research finds his blog and his band’s MySpace (listen to Know), which were interesting. Yup, he’s the guy I’m going for this year. You’re going to Hollywood, dog!

Here’s a bit of his story:

Growing up, my parents were very conservative fundamentalist Baptists. I know a lot of big words, right? Basically, what that means is that my parents believed that music and movies and everything the world had to offer were off-limits for Christians.

My dad actually had enjoyed the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel back when he was a kid. His freshman year of college he attended a “liberal” Christian college called Taylor University in Indiana and had traveled around to different coffee houses, playing his guitar and singing songs he wrote. But for some reason, he decided to move away from that and transferred colleges to a conservative Baptist college where he met my mom, which I guess was good because they made me, right?

I was born in Tennessee where my dad was the music pastor/youth pastor for a small conservative Baptist church. By the time that I was almost 3 my parents decided to take a music pastorate in Durham, NC. So, we moved while my mom was pregnant with my little brother and soon after my bother Jon came into the world.

So, my dad was a music pastor and he played guitar. Sounds like the start to a beautiful musical journey to me? Well, it took a while.

Wait, can you already have a fan club when the auditions were last night? Wow.