If you had the chance to start over and help design a gathering for Christ-followers… what would you do?

I’m currently in the position of helping a friend plant a church. I’m not looking for a staff position, I’m “just a volunteer”… but, I’m definitely a volunteer who is a rookie in the church planting world.

My experience has been working in two mega-churches for 30 years and most of my ideas default to what I’ve seen and experienced.

What about you?

Let’s say you’ve experienced “blue church” for many years and you default service when you gather people is:

1 Song
2-3 Songs
Transition video
Sermon (with occasional testimony)
Closing song

So, what might “red church” look like? Does “different” work or is “different” idealistic? Church services have been around for a long time and there seems to be lots of churches doing “blue” or having subtle “shades of blue.”

Is a “red church” even possible? If so, are there elements of a “red church” that can be defined?

I don’t know. Really, I’m feeling like an inadequate rookie.

What might add “red” to a church? Is it less of a service and more of a “red” DNA, attitude, style, or value?

Question: Are there examples of “red churches” out there? What’s different about them?

If you had the opportunity to start over again, what would you do? Would love to hear your thoughts/ideas!