In the old days of ministry, if someone wanted to complain they would have to work a little harder than they do in today’s world. The ease of email gives a critical spirit an immediate outlet. I HATE getting emails like the one below, but they arrive all the time because email doesn’t allow a filter.

This specific email was sent to a youth pastor friend after an amazing weekend of ministry. He had a great service project on Saturday that was life-changing, and on Sunday Sunday morning his attendance doubled. His plan was to celebrate the weekend with a family BBQ. He bought enough food for all the regular attending teenagers and their families (plus a little extra). Praise God that a bunch of new people showed up and they ran out of food. Bummer. But, it’s not that big of a deal…to most. Here is the exact email my buddy received (I’ve edited names/locations to protect my friend). Unfortunately, this is not a joke.


My son, Andrew, is a sophomore in high school at Union Junction and very much enjoys the high school program at church (particularly his small group). I also have two younger sons in the 7th and 8th grades who also enjoy the junior high ministry.

This past Sunday I attended the 11 a.m. service and proceeded over to the BBQ hosted by the student ministry after the service was over. When I got there, we all got in line and were disappointed to learn that there was no more food available; others had the same experience. Many of us left without eating and did not stay to fellowship with others. We were very displeased.

Suggestion: When you invite students and families to a BBQ, please have enough food for everyone.

Thank you.


Did Don (a lawyer) really need to write this letter? Did he think my friend didn’t realize that when you invite people over for a meal that you should have food for them? Am I over-reacting because I’m so tired of this type of easy-access/critical spirit directed to leaders?

How would you respond to this email? I’ll give prizes to the 2 best responses (best response & funniest response). I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning in this comment section.