Mike Lewis got fired! I wish this was a unique story, but I hear it all the time. Join me in prayer for Mike and similar brothers and sisters who have been hurt by churches. Here’s his story:

“I am writing to ask for prayer. I was told I would no longer be the youth leader as the church is going in a different direction. This is really painful. I have many emotions: sadness, anger, rejection, worry, fear, and doubt (not in God, but in churches). I have had a difficult ministry career and I am fairly certain this will be my last youth ministry job. I just can’t go through this heartache again.

I put the last 5 years of my life dedicated to a wonderful group of teens. No parents were consulted on this decision and there are many upset and angry parents/teens, and I fear for the direction the church has decided to go.

I am but one of many ministers who have been the casualty of poor decisions, firings, or forced out by elders. It has stung the church hard and many people are leaving. Yet, they don’t understand why people are upset. It is a bittersweet moment. I am upset about having to leave, but glad at the same time because the leadership decisions were often upsetting. While I see this as an opportunity to move on, it still hurts.

My family and I are searching for a church home and I have to start from square one in my career. My wife is really hurt. This is where she was raised. My kids will be hurt—this is where all their friends are. I feel like a dad whose family has been taken away from him.

I will continue listening to the podcast as I heal. It’s like having friends in the room as I struggle. You have been a shining light in my life as a youth minister. I look fondly on the times I have spent listening, laughing, and working through ministry.

I just wanted to know if you’d pray for me, my family, and the church families.”

Any words of wisdom and/or encouragement would be of great value to Mike. Any wounded healers out there who can help Mike? Leave a message HERE