HPIM0321I have a Haitian statue, which I got when I was on a missions trip (or mission trip…I can never remember the difference between mission and missions and never care to learn again) when I was in high school. I used to keep it in my dorm rooms and offices, however for the last 5 years it’s been in a forgotten corner by my books (which are also mostly forgotten).

I love this statue for many reasons, for it reminds me of many things. First, it reminds me of my two trips to Haiti when I was in high school, and there are about 2 dozen lessons I learned on those trips. (maybe some day I’ll list those). Second, it reminds me that people sometimes lie and haggle. The seller wanted $88 dollars for it, and I paid $7. Third, it reminds me of my terrible temper, my hate of failure, and passion for justice. When I was in college, as a freshman, I had a crazy English teacher. She was a new teacher, totally awkward socially, and really weird. I remember no one liking her much, or caring much what she had to say. One day she only put makeup on half of her face, and no one cared enough to say something to her. Anyhow, I turned in a draft for a paper and got a D-. We met after class and she explained, line by line, each and every red comment. They were all valid, it was a great learning experience. She had said, “Make these changes and you’ll get an A.” When she said this, I remember thinking “that’s stupid. don’t give me busy work. can’t I just agree that they all ought to be changed? I made every change she suggested. I turned the paper back in, and got a C-. Rage filled me.

Back in my room, I picked up the statue by the top of it and slammed in into the ground a dozen times (incidentally, it may be worth $88 since it’s so sturdy) . The base fell off on the last slam and flew across the room, it put a satisfying divot in my dorm wall. I can get so mad. And, I hate failure. I can’t stand it when people don’t stick to what they say. However, there is something more: when the fool angers the wise, there is really two fools.