I got nothing.

I’m dried up.

My brain hurts.

I don’t know what to do.

I can’t think of anything.

I’m sure all of these things you have either thought or said to yourself in the last year. If you are anything like me, you want your ministry to run at its smoothest. You want all services, sermons, events and small groups to be the best they can possibly be because you care so much about your students that creating an experience for them that they get to know God more is something you are so passionate about. And because we want the best, we are constantly racking our brains for new ideas, better ideas, smoother ideas for how we run our ministries. That’s why you come on this site. That’s why I read other great youth ministry posts. It’s all good, I like that.


I think sometimes we (I’m included) get so caught up trying to look what others are doing so we can do it because we have not thought of that yet, and we lose focus on the One who has enabled us to be creative and innovative in the first place. It hit me the other week as I was trying to plan some creative stuff for our winter retreat coming up. I could not think of anything, nothing I was looking at from other blogs or ministries were giving me any ideas. I got quiet for a second and I feel like the Lord whispered, “I got some ideas. Try me.”

Sometimes we try to be so creative and create a movement that we overlook the ultimate Creator and the biggest movement of all. Sometimes we are backwards, God is our last option when we don’t have anything ourselves. I’m guilty of this. The moment I went to God in prayer with the direction of our winter retreat, the ideas started to flow like a river.

I just feel that I need to remind someone with this post (probably me), you can only do so much on your own. Give it God. Give your sermon to God first. Give your retreat to God first. Give your ministry to God first. Give your meeting to God first and be amazed at how much clearer you will begin to think.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.