I’m so excited!

The announcement is in… Humankind Water won! See previous post.

*Youth workers who had an idea to get clean water into the world…they worked hard… and won!
*Ministries who are trying to get water into the world… will be helped by these guys.
*Kids without clean water will win.

Check this out:

Here is what the leader of Humankind Water wrote me yesterday:


God is so good!

Thank you so much for getting youth workers to help with this vote. I can’t ever repay you. I’m not naive enough to think we would have won without youth workers getting involved.

WalMart still haven’t revealed the final totals. We won, Plate Topper (who had FIVE TIMES the youtube view) was second and the Eyeglass Repair Kit (double the views) was third.

Our voters were fewer but more faithful.

CNN’s report is promising the water will be in ALL 3800 stores!

Thanks again. I so appreciate the help of your blog crowd! I am so profoundly blessed!



I wanted to update you on what I asked you to help with… thanks again.

I also love the fact that youth workers support one another in many different ways–this does my heart well.

As I write this post, I’m in Syracuse, NY with my friend Duffy Robbins–where we’re teaching a 2-day workshop on Speaking to Teenagers, followed by a one day seminar (for parents AND youth workers) called, Building a Faith that Lasts. I love this trip, but what inspires me the most is the power of this Syracuse youth worker network. Different youth workers from several different denominations pooling their resources, talents and hearts together to do something that they couldn’t do on their own.

We are better together! Now, more kids will get clean water.

Question: Where are you combining your efforts with other leaders to be “better together”? I’m just curious. I’d love to learn from you. Share it here.

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