This week I’m posting some of our best games from summer camp – or students are SO into Color Wars / team rec games and it is so much fun. Some of the games I’ll list this week are regulars that are so fun we bring them back every year, and some are brand new … and yet to cause permanent injuries.

GAME 1: Slip-N-Slide Kickball

GAME 2: Battle Fort
Directions: Think Angry Birds + Dodgeball

  1. Each team gets 5 minutes to build their fort using all 30 cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. They must use all boxes.
  2. The team must build it within the fort boundaries, tapped on the floor or elevated off the ground.

Round 1

  1. A normal game of dodgeball will be played, but the teams must protect their box structure.
  2. The game is over once all the players from one team is out.
  3. The team left standing is awarded points, and the team with the most boxes standing also receives points.
  4. If everyone is not out by 5 minutes, the team with the most people left wins.

Round 2

  1. Each team gets to pick four people who do not get out when the ball hits them and are simply protectors of the fortress.
  2. This round, there is no catching allowed, if someone catches a ball, they are out.
  3. The same rules for dodgeball apply, if you get hit you’re out.
  4. The game ends after 5 minutes or once everyone is out.

Round 3

  1. There are no outs.
  2. Each team is allowed to pick 5 people who are allowed to stand still in front of the fort and block the balls.
  3. Everyone else on the team must be dodging and throwing balls.
  4. The game ends after 5 minutes

Each Round is 10 minutes: 5 minutes of fort building and 5 minutes of game time (if necessary)