Do you have a heart for “those” kids?

Each and every week we have students walk in our doors who otherwise they would not go to church. They walk into our doors in which otherwise they would never hear the Gospel being preached. Do they listen? It doesn’t seem like it, but we may never know what’s going on in their heads or what the Lord is doing in their lives as they hear the Gospel, but they are there. Sometimes, it’s “those” kids that a lot of the leaders are annoyed with. They say things like:

“Do you see what they are wearing?”

“Do you hear how they are talking?”

“Do you see what they are doing during service?”

“Why are they even here? They don’t pay attention.”

Listen, I get that some volunteers have huge hearts and they can get annoyed just like the rest of us, but I always have to remind them that this is a ministry in which we want “those” kids here because otherwise they would never hear about Jesus. If your ministry is anything like mine, you want to reach students who don’t know Jesus.

And here is the crazy part, students who don’t know Jesus, act like they don’t know Jesus.

Even the disciples, those who spent the most time with him where teenagers who sometimes acted like they didn’t know who Jesus was, yet Jesus was patient, kind, sometimes had to come down strong, but always loving. I believe this was his heart for “those” he was around and is the heart for “those” students in our ministry.

So, do you have a heart for “those” students? Have you asked them their story? Have you asked them why they come? Have you taken them out and asked them what they think about all this “church stuff”? We can be amazed at how much they listen and how much they actually watch, not just anyone, but watch how you treat them, interact with them and love them.

God is in the business of life transformation and “those” students have the capability to experience a life change through Jesus. Give them time. Pray for them constantly. Love them unconditionally. Step back and let God work.