Year after year I convince myself summer is going to be filled with all this margin. The reality could not be any further from the truth.  Between summer camps, trips and minister recruitment the summer comes and goes in a moment’s notice.


It’s a scary thought when you realize 4th of July is over and it’s time to get ready for fall.  If summer is moving by too quickly and you want to slow it down:


You might feel like things are zooming by but the reality is that your schedule is in disarray or non-existent. When times seem hectic sit down and create a schedule.

While you should keep account of meetings and projects make sure you put margin into your schedule.  Building into your schedule opportunities to breathe will allow you to pace yourself.


When you have a lot going on time flies by. On top of a schedule create a stop doing list.  Write out tasks that you can delegate, eliminate and hold off.

Let people assist you with emptying your plate. Have them look at what needs to get done and what can wait until fall.  Pass off any projects to able and willing people.


Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need. If you have a laptop or notebook do a little work outside.  During lunch or breaks take a walk around the neighborhood.  Get some fresh air to clear your head.


One of the best ways to slow down the summer is by building relationships with your team.  Instead of planning meetings, invite them to join you for a cup of coffee. Spend that time talking shop and vision. Ask them about their summer and use that time to build a stronger bond.


We need to be reminded that God is in control. When summer feels like it’s buzzing by find some time for quiet time prayer.  Offer up your worries and concerns.  Allow Him to set your mind at ease.

Summer can get busy, but it shouldn’t get out of control.  Make sure you are slowing it down by embracing what’s going on around you.  Invest in relationships, spend time with God and don’t panic because fall will be awesome.

Do you feel like summer flies by?  If so how do you slow it down?