This time of year is a little funny. It’s the beginning of a calendar year, but it doesn’t feel like it because you are smack right in the middle of a year of ministry. Setting resolutions personally can be easy; however, to do that professionally might seem odd.

But, it’s actually the perfect time to jump-start your ministry. People are motivated and ready to give things a try. To take advantage of a new year in the middle of your ministry year:


There are men and women in your church looking to get involved. Your ministry is that place you just need to make the invitation clear.

Send out an email blast, make an announcement at church or just hang around on a Sunday and ask in person. If possible make it an event and celebrate serving in your ministry as a great first step to the new year.


If a teenager misses a few weeks of ministry they are going to feel a little guilty and that guilt might hold them back from attending. Make sure you reach out to all of your teens that might have dropped off in attendance.

Acknowledge the fact that they’ve missed, but it’s okay. Tell them that you love them and hope to see them in the new year.


It can feel like the midpoint of a marathon this time of year. During this stretch you might have ministers who are tired and burned out. Take time to check-in and recharge them.

Organize a retreat, meet them for coffee and just pour into as many of them as possible. You don’t have to train them, just tell them they are doing a great job.


You might feel like you need a break (Even if you took Christmas week off) and that’s because you used a lot of your energy going into Christmas. Take your first few days back to look at your responsibilities and calendar.

It might feel like you do not have time, but it’s worth it to take a few minutes each day to look at to-do’s, clean your calendar and set up a system that will help you go the long haul.

It’s a new year and while you cannot do everything over you can take advantage of a season that promotes starting out right. People are ready, waiting for you to connect with them; you just need to take that next step.

How are you taking advantage of the new year?