Volunteers are valuable, but sometimes having a team of doers is not enough.  You need leaders to expand your capacity and take the ministry to a new level.  But, when you look at your team all you see is doers.  It’s frustrating and you wonder, “Why won’t people do more?”  

Before you start blaming your team for not stepping up, think about what you can do to get the most out of them by answer these 4 questions:


Leaders are attracted to a clear vision and engaging vision.  You need to be breathing and speaking your vision constantly.  This will tell people why your ministry is worth the time and energy they spend serving each week.  They will not only want to be a part of it but help make it happen.

Challenge your team to memorize the vision and make sure they know it as well as you do.  Collect stories of what it looks like when your vision is being met and share them.  Show them how they can be a part of the life change your ministry creates.


You might have people who have bought into the vision but the reality is that you sabotage their efforts to step up.  You might tell them to lead and take responsibility but then doubt steps in and you take over.

To figure out if you are getting in the way speak with someone you trust to give you honest feedback.  Identify the ways that you prevent your team from taking the next step and work on preventing those actions.  You might find that you have to apologize to those volunteers and have them call you out anytime you get in the way.


You didn’t learn how to be a leader overnight and neither will your team.  It takes time, tools and resources.  Make sure you are investing in your potential leaders with the same resources you have been given.  Take them with you to conferences, watch webinars and share books.  To grow leaders you need to equip them.


Who are the people that serve with you regularly?  Do they have families?  Where do they work?  Get to know the lives of the people who give their time to help you out.  By getting to know them you show them value.  As you show them value they’ll return the investment and step up their game.  Leaders who care about their team usually get the best from them.

Your volunteers have the potential to lead you just need to make sure you are giving them every opportunity to step up.  Try not to complain and assign blame on people who already give so much.  Assess your own leadership and ask yourself, “What more can I do for them?”

How are you raising leaders in your ministry?