If you’re an experienced youth leader, you know the importance of involving parents in your ministry. But so much time is spent caring for and developing students and volunteers, that the opportunity to support and equip parents can so easily become a dream instead of a reality.

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The truth is, you probably didn’t go into youth ministry to focus on parents. In fact, sometimes you might even see parents as a hurdle to what you are trying to accomplish. Yet, there is no escaping the fact that they are an integral part of what we do and how we do it. And sometimes the best way to minister to your teens is by ministering to their parents.

The Parent Super Pack makes winning with parents a little bit easier! It’s jam-packed with resources that will help you effortlessly partner with them in the discipleship of their teens. Bonus: many of the resources are editable so you can tweak them to fit your ministry needs!

Here’s a list of the helpful resources you can get your hands on with this massive 9-resource bundle.

Perks of the parent pack, a leadership profile card template.

1. An all inclusive 5-week series called Parental Guidance that you and your staff can host for parents. This is a perfect way for you to get to know parents, as well as for them to get to know you and other leaders. After the series, parents will know how they can better partner with your ministry. 

2. A start to finish kit that will help you develop leader profile cards to send your students’ parents. These cards will introduce parents to their teen’s small group leaders, and help them feel more involved in what goes on at youth group.

3. A printable 28-day devotional full of encouraging scriptures. This is a thoughtful gift you can give parents that motivates them to pray over their children, because the power of a praying parent cannot be overestimated.
Parent pack perk!
4. A list of pre-written text messages that you can send to parents on many different occasions. There are texts you can send on holidays, over summer break, and on the first week of school, as well as general encouraging messages. 

5. Fourteen editable templates for letters to parents. If you ever come down with a sudden case of writer’s block, all you have to do with these templates is plug in your info and send! 

6. Twenty-five ready-made images for you to post on your social media pages, or on a specific parent’s profile page. Also known as “PARENTStagrams,” some of these posts offer inspirational words of wisdom, while others are just plain hilarious!

7. Twenty-five MORE ready-to-upload graphics for your social media pages. Just because we know you love them so much, we added some additional images formatted in both square and widescreen.

Parent superpack perk!

8. A hilarious trivia game called “Dad Quotes.” Have your students fill in the blanks of some hilarious tweets, all of which use hashtag #dadquotes or #dadvice. Groups can face-off against each other or you can pull contestants up-front for one-on-one competition. 

9. Another hysterical trivia game called “Mom Texts.” Your students will be rolling on the floor laughing with this multiple choice game. The group is shown several texts from moms and they have to fill in the blanks to guess what she said. 


The Parent Super Pack bundle is extremely affordable: it’s $50 worth of resources for just $25. (Fifty percent off?!) Take advantage of this exclusive offer today, and get parents more involved in your youth ministry. Download it now!