Volunteers will help you get the job done; however, they won’t necessarily take your ministry to a new level. To do that you need a special type of leader.

If you want your ministry to grow, you need to grow and that means finding men and women who will push you outside of your comfort zone. These core leaders will emerge only if you:


When an opportunity presents itself to do something new your core leaders will take ownership. They aren’t afraid to fail or do something new.

Make sure you are allowing these opportunities to happen. Bless their courage, praise their work (even if they fail) and allow them to do things that are new. In the end it will help your ministry grow deeper and wider.


There are people who will critique you and then there are people you want to critique you. Your core leaders need to be people who care about the ministry and you. If they have something to say it’s because they want your best.

To build this culture make sure you listen when they speak. Thank them for sharing their feedback and show your gratitude. The more you can rely on them the more you can give yourself emotional health as a leader.


You need to invest in your core leaders by giving them permission and by getting to know them personally. Your leader of leaders will return that investment because they’ll know that if you succeed so will the ministry.

The incredible thing about leader of leaders is they not only care about the ministry but care about you. They will not just become loyal ministers but loyal friends.

If you just see your volunteers as people to do a task and not take the reigns your ministry will plateau. Take the time to find people who will not only take the ministry to the next level but take you as well.

What else do people on your core leadership do?