(I think there was a second part to this question…how do you communicate the change or something… if you wrote this question, email me the stuff I forgot)

1. When you are confident you’re called (by God) to move on.

2. When you can’t support your supervisor, senior pastor, elders, etc.

3. When you hate students, leaders, parents, and/or your programs. (hate covers a lot of negative things…like bitterness, frustration, etc.)

4. When you are constantly without joy, peace, rest and/or Sabbath.

5. When you are no good and ineffective at your ministry.

6. When you are unchallenged and ungrowing.

7. When you molest a student, or have some other kind of inappropriate relationship.

8. When any of the above applies to your spouse.


1. Don’t ask me, “how do you know when you’re called,” because I’m not sure there’s much of an answer beyond, it won’t conflict with scripture, and you’ll just know. Now, there’s plenty of people who will tell you how to know if you’re called…but if you look closely, all they really are doing is telling you how they “knew” they were called and assuming the same will be true for you. This is how most people teach things. Calling is really personal between a person and God. Also, I’m talking about real calling… not the typical fake Christian vernacular that gets thrown around like it’s common stuff. For example, “I’m not called to date you.” Shut up an admit you don’t want to date the person. (replace “date” with just about any other verb that a Christian doesn’t want to do but doesn’t have a real reason, or the will to find one.)

2. This is usually a submission problem…and leaving something because you can’t submit is dangerous, cause you’ll just have to learn at your next place. Everyone has to submit…it’s a SPIRITUAL LESSON, so it will always show up in real life.

3. You may just need a break and step back so you can catch your breath.

4. It’s impossible to pastor, shepherd, care for, minister to someone you hate.

5. Ministry shouldn’t make your life horrible. Even if you’re locked up and being tortured, there should be some encouragement, some joy in the spirit. I’m not speaking from experience, just learning from Paul’s life.

6. If you’re not being challenged in your life, something is horribly wrong with your life. There is no room for apathy and a growing spiritual life.

7. No notes are needed on this point.

8. Don’t be a moron.