Watched the debut of the new evening news with Katie Couric a night ago and forgot to post my thoughts on it. Seems like a whole bunch of people were talking about it in the blogworld, most with at best mixed reaction. Maybe it’s just that I get my news from the internet so I think the whole concept of evening news is dated and about dead. Why see news that is already old told to you by a masterful spin doctor (both left and right)? OK, so it maybe isn’t that bad, but honestly, but in my opinon, network news is spent.

Katie did a fine job, she’ll work out the pronunciation of words and get the pacing down quickly. The Free Speech thing is a novel idea – anyone who has Morgan Spurlock and Rush Limbaugh on in the same week I appreciate. She might even become the most powerful woman in televsion (except for Oprah, come on) in the coming years. But I won’t be watching.

Maybe instead of focusing on how many are watching each network, somebody should talk about how many aren’t watching at all.