Watched the premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend – how broken is this show? Man, it just isn’t funny anymore. At least the HD is glorious. All in all, there was maybe 2-3 genuine laughs in this week’s episode (the TSA skit, Brian Williams’ cameo and … and the SNL Digital Short had it’s moments). The problem is, you know they worked hard on the premiere so it can only go down from here. Not a good sign.

My tribute to SNL this week is a list of questions one concerned viewer would submit if anyone actually cared. Maybe Buzz Manager will pick up this post and someone at NBC will actually read it. Ah, probably not. Anyhow …

  • Is Amy Poehler really capable of handling the news anchor job?
  • Dane Cook was the biggest and best host we could get for the premiere?
  • Does anyone else thing that Seth Meyers is trying too hard?
  • Should we try some LA style and drop some of the NY style?
  • Is there anything else to make fun of rather than cable news and politicians?
  • Are there any real standout stars in the cast?
  • Is it possible that shows about SNL (Studio 60, 30 Rock) are more interesting than SNL itself?