We recently headed into some uncharted waters: homeschooled ministry. We realized that the homeschooled community was something we never really focused on. We are always looking at ways to reach out to our high schools, but we seemed to let any kind of homeschooled ministry slip through the cracks.

With our recent Prayer Walk, we decided it was a great time to start doing something for homeschooled kids. While all of the schools were meeting on their campuses, we had the homeschooled students meet in a classroom at our church. On the walls, we had different things that they could pray for (i.e. graduating seniors, students transitioning from public school to home school, etc.). It was awesome!

At first, we were unsure of whether or not there was even a need for an event for homeschoolers. We just weren’t sure if anyone would come and if it was worth it. But while we were looking at marketing it, we asked our core homeschooled students to invite all of their homeschooled friends. What we realized is that none of our homeschooled students really know each other! That is when we discovered that the HUGE ministry opportunity we had been missing out on for a while now.

With a new crop of freshmen coming in and a new school year right around the corner, we think the time is right to start looking for more ways to minister to homeschoolers.

What are you guys doing to minister to your homeschooled community?

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