We got this lovely popcorn tin for Christmas this year – and during the plethora of football games on the past 10 days we’ve been really enjoying it.

Except for 1 of the 3 sections, that is.

When you buy a tin – or really, someone buys it for you since you would never buy one of these for yourself – which is always the first section of corn to go? In our house, caramel and cheese are always gone in the first few days, leaving the cheap “filler” butter popcorn to take up the rear and slowly be eaten out of sheet pity.

Is white popcorn merely the packaging so that the real popcorn doesn’t get damaged in shipment? Is it just cheap filler since the cheese powder or caramel glaze is so expensive? Did a particularly bright executive one Christmas figure out we would still buy it if 2 of the 3 flavors were good?