So you know we had a team day at SYM yesterday. What were some of the highlights? Here you go!

  • Riding 60mph in a go-cart that’s 1-inch off the ground. It feels like you’re going 125mph.
  • Andy doing the trash talking, but then actually passing me twice.
  • Learning that every 10 lbs. decreases your best lap time by an average of .25 seconds – which means by the end of a “race” I would be about 5 minutes off the pace even if I was the best driver.
  • Driving a cart on the longest track in the USA.
  • Jack having to get his wedding ring cut off his finger (long, painful story – ouch).
  • Getting to fully suit up in race gear, complete with a HANS brace.
  • Dinner at BJ’s afterwards … buffalo chicken pizza!