I’m so proud our our student leaders. We’re just wrapping up two plus days of intensive leadership training at #SLC2014 and they’ve been soaking it all in. They’re taking notes, building relationships and learning how to be students leaders at home, at church and in the community. Right now they are all amped up. The problem is once they go home they’ll start facing reality.

When your teens have an experience like a student leadership conference it’s important to set them up for success on the way home. One of the steps every youth ministry should take is to help them set goals. Goals that will help them:

  • Practice the material they learned.
  • Build on the emotional and spiritual energy they’ve captured.
  • Continue to go and grow deeper with Christ and each other.

To help your student leaders set goals you need to:

HAVE THEM WRITE THEM DOWN: When you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them. Have your student leaders write down their goals and share them. Challenge them to write down tangible dates and make a plan to keep them accountable.

PARTNER THEM UP: Partner your student leaders with other students who have gone through the experience. Challenge them to check-in with each other over the next few months. And, partner them up with an adult in your ministry. Have that adult ask them about their experience and pray with them. Give them accountability to keep on going.

FOLLOW UP WITH THEM: Plan a time 2 or 3 weeks after the event to sit down with your student leaders. Check-in with them to see what challenges they have faced to continue growing. Pray with them and cheer them to continue to grow as disciples and student leaders.

COACH THEM THROUGH FAILURE: Some of your student leaders will struggle to meet their goals. Life will happen, Satan will attack and it will just get difficult. Write them notes of encouragement, and let them know that failure can be a part of the journey. Show them how to fail forward and lean on God to receive his grace.

PRAY FOR THEM: Remember that you are embarking your student leaders on a spiritual journey. Ask God to walk with them and to be a part of their lives. Do what you can as their youth minister and trust that God will do the rest.

When you student leaders set goals and achieve them they’ll grow confident in their ability and in God’s. Set them up for success by using the energy from an experience and putting it in a tangible plan. Walk with them, cheer them on and watch them go.

How have you helped teenagers set goals?