In 30 years of working with teenagers I’ve learned many things.

A few of these lessons would include:

1. Teenagers are interested in learning
2. Teenagers will rise to a challenge
3. Teenagers want to know more about God

For many years I’ve given the One Minute Bible for Students to all types (curious, committed, non-interested) of teenagers. I give it to them with the simple challenge of, “Read this for one minute a day and see what happens.”

Almost ever teenager I’ve ever asked has been willing to accept this challenge and the One Minute Bible for Students is the perfect tool/resource/book to give them.

Prestigious scholar John Kohlenberger (author of 30+ biblical reference books–including Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible) has taken the entire Bible and broken it into 365 one minute readings. It’s genius! While it doesn’t include every verse in the Bible, it does cover every major event, character and story in the Bible. It’s a beautiful overview.

Critics may scoff over the simplicity of the “one minute” challenge, but they can’t deny the reality that most people don’t even read the Bible a minute a week. There are many reasons for a lack of Bible-reading, but a biggie is confusion. This resource helps alleviate the confusion. In addition to the one minute Bible reading, I’ve written a “one minute commentary” for each day’s reading to help the reader better understand a difficult phrase, word or definition.

My goal for this product is to get it into the hands of teenagers. I want them to develop a habit of reading the Bible and this book helps create the habit. It retails for $14.99, but we’re offering it for 50% off at $7.99 only thru the end of the year (by the way, this is the cheapest they’ve ever been sold).

I’m sure there are other good tools to help teenagers feel successful in reading God’s Word, but I don’t know of any that have the results of the One Minute Bible for Students. Encourage your students to start the new year with a reading plan that won’t make them feel like a failure. What a privilege to give a young person the gift of developing a habit that will change their life. While you’re at it, buy one for parents too so that they can model Bible reading in their home.

I’ve been a part of authoring or co-authoring 50+ books, and the One Minute Bible for Students is my most treasured resource.
Question: if you have used the One Minute Bible in your youth ministry, share how you use it here.

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