First of all, here is the link to join our Facebook community:


You need to join it.

Now let me tell you why.

  1. In the wake of NYWC, it is the best way to continue the life giving conversations with other youth workers around the country.
  2. We want you to be able to share ideas (aka steal ideas, you know you do).
  3. We want it to be a great community of prayer. We know being a youth worker can be lonely and we know that one of the best parts of a conference is the great relationships built, so we want this to be a place where you know other youth workers are praying for you if you share a request. 
  4. We want it to be a place for you to grow and be challenged by what others are doing in ministry. Leaders are learners and we can all learn from what is posted in the group.
  5. It’s great place for you to know other DYM members and get some inside scoop on whats happening in the world of DYM.
  6. It’s a great place for you to interact with some of the DYM authors that you probably use in your ministry.
  7. We want it to be fun and enjoyable. So join our community and don’t be “that person” who ruins it.

We love the relationships that DYM is starting, go on that journey with us. Join our community and read these ground rules:

Welcome to the Greatest Group in the History of Youth Ministry. This is a closed group reserved to be a safe place for youth workers to have a safe place to share ideas, chat life and exchange their recipes of how to feed hundreds of people with $4.78. Don’t join unless you are a youth worker.

So just to give you a heads up, Downloadyouthministry.com runs this page. We are about great deals and great community. We want this to be an idea sharing, life caring, llama-intrigued community. We want connections for you and others in the group. So here are some guidelines:

Don’t be dumb. We want this to be a safe place with no judgment. We already are judged by Gladis because the church van was not cleaned out. We can and will delete what we feel what we need to delete.

Not everyone thinks the same. We all have different theological standpoints, lets respect that. We really do believe a Baptist and Presbyterian can live together in harmony. We all have a small part to play in turning teenagers to Jesus.

Everyone has a voice and has ideas that we want to/should be able to hear. We value your voice. So if you try to belittle or shut down someone in this group like you want to do to “that junior higher” in your group, don’t.

We love dialogue but don’t be “that guy” who posts your own quotes or blog posts. We will delete it and everyone will just text about you to their friends. We are trying to save you. You’re welcome.

We run the blog and store and we post quite often. Since this is our group, we do have the right to post our blog posts and resources here mostly because we want you to realize why we really do have “The Greatest Deal in the history of youth ministry”.

We are all full time youth pastors here. If someone says something that makes you angrier than Billy who just yelled something inappropriate at your rhetorical question during your sermon, don’t write us. Wait a little bit before you go all “helicopter parent” on us. Because we are full time youth pastors we have students who come to us with hurt feelings all of the time so we probably don’t have that time for you. Wait a few days before you respond, take a breath or ten, then respond in the way Jesus would.

Let’s have fun, share ideas and be the great community that helps youth workers win.

Welcome to DYM.